Monday, May 9, 2011

Comfort Furnace XL - Available Fall 2011

Mirage Infrared Heaters is pleased to announce the Comfort Furnace XL, the newest model in the celebrated line of portable, quartz infrared heaters.

As thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers can attest, the Comfort Furnace has always been the most efficient and durable portable heating solution on the market. They are widely known for their eco-friendliness and health benefits, but are most famous for their ability to cut winter heating bills by as much as half. And with the release of the XL, the advantages will grow even larger!

The Comfort Furnace XL will be available as early as August 2011, just in time for the cold winter months that will follow. We will keep you informed on this blog about the latest news and let you know as soon as it's officially available to buy.

You can learn more about the Comfort Furnace line of heaters by visiting Mirage Infrared Heaters and browsing our features and benefits guides.