Friday, April 1, 2011

Heat-A-Lot Feature: Stainless Steel Diffusion Coils

The next in our series about the features and benefits of the portable Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater deals with its stainless steel diffusion coil. Now, we realize that it might not sound sexy to the ear, but it will feel good to the skin.

The stainless steel diffusion coil is principally given the task of diffusing the infrared heat that the Heat-A-Lot's heating element produce. If you units diffusion coils are manufactured from second-rate materials or are poorly designed, the functioning of the infrared furnace will doubtlessly be drastically less effective. In fact, during testing, the stainless steel coils used in the Heat-A-Lot were greater than 25% more effective in dispersing the infrared heat when compare to the other leading brand manufacturer’s models. This is due in large part to the fact that most of our competitor's models don't use stainless steel in the construction of their diffusion coils.

Apart from the better diffusion of infrared energy, the life span alone of the Heat-A-Lot is increased as a result of the usage of stainless steel in its construction. The figures: a remarkable 15 to 20 year life expectancy.

No doubt, it's great to have a portable quartz heater that looks fantastic from the outside - which the Heat-A-Lot does. However, it’s just as important that the kinds of materials utilized on the inside will get the job done right...not to mention stand the test of time and repeated use.

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