Monday, March 28, 2011

The Technology Features Of The Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater

This post is the first of a series of posts that will outline the benefits and features you can enjoy with a Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater from Mirage Distributors. In this edition, we'll sketch the main technological attributes of the portable, quartz furnace, which will dive into in more detail in later posts.

Something you'll notice right away about the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace is that it comes complete with advanced technology that you can not only just see -- but more importantly -- that you can hear with your ears and feel with your body. You'll hear the difference between this unit and an ordinary space heater, because this product runs virtually silently. And the infrared heat it emits is so much more effective from an energy usage standpoint and also in the way it goes about heating you home or office spaces. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let stick with the task at hand: the technology features packed into this marvelous machine.

The Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater has a highly precise thermostat onboard. It's so precise, that is will read the temperature in the room with one degree of accuracy! Why is so precise? It’s so precise because it's controlled by a microprocessor. It's paired up with a digital temperature display that's easy to read -- even from across the room.

Secondly, it's a quartz infrared heating system which uses four quartz heating elements. We'll get into the detail in later posts, but this technology makes this portable heater more cost efficient and simply more effective when compared to other portable solutions.

Third, it's not only an infrared furnace, it's also works as an air sanitizer. The air that passes through the unit is stripped of virus, mold, bacteria and other airborne pathogens that make you and your family sick.

The fourth post will take about the benefits and advantages of the Heat-A-Lot's stainless steel diffusion coil. It increases the life of the unit as well as diffuses the heat it generates in a more efficient way than its competition.

Number five, its heating chamber is lined with copper. We all know how valuable copper is today! But by using a copper-lined heating chamber, the infrared energy generated is better converted. Not only that, the copper also increases the amount of negative ions produced. This is a great health benefit!

The sixth feature is the longevity of the elements it uses. They are so long-lasting, in fact, that they have a minimum life expectancy of twenty thousand hours. 20,000!

The seventh technological feature that make the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace easy to use is the remote control it comes with standard. Just think, you can sit back after a long day of work, watch some television and control your portable infrared heater from the comfort of your sofa.

The last feature we will cover is the temperature sync feature. This lets you run the unit in conjunction with your central heating unit. Instead of working against it, the Heat-A-Lot can work with you central system.

So that's the brief look into the technology you can count on. You can discover more about our portable quartz infrared heaters at Until we dive in deeper, so long....